Who we are

The ADM is now for over 17 years a community of people who are closely linked to each other by the space they share.

The cultural free-haven ADM is one of the last large live/work communities of Amsterdam.
On the terrain reside now some 125 people.
Amongst them are; children and pensioners, theater-makers and stage-builders, inventors and technicians, dancers and musicians, actors and directors, crafts-men and women, sailors and buccaneers, life-lovers and ‘different-thinkers’...

Experiment, exchange and spontaneity have ensured that the ADM has acquired a place in Amsterdam’s cultural climate.

The ADM is, as many other (squat) communities, a fertile germination place for the local and (inter)national cultural climate.
Communities as this (at the fringes of the city) appear to often play a leading role for what is now called the Creative Industry.

What we're building together, but especially, what we ARE together, often forms a source of inspiration for others...

Created from pretty much nothing, a blooming, creative and sustainable community is now here TO STAY!